Heathen Brewing moving up in Battle of the Brews

Sunny Parsons, owner of Clark County’s Heathen Brewing, is hoping people will vote for Heathen’s “Transgression” beer in the second round of the 2013 Battle of the Brews for the Oregon Brewers festival.


Right now the local beer is leading Colorado’s Boulder Beer Co.’s “Pump Up the Jam” in its bracket.

The brewery description of “Transgression IPA” is a “light bodied IPA has a simple grain bill of Northwest Pale, Crystal and Caravienne malt that brings a smooth silky texture. The infamous Simcoe, Citra (hops) bring a huge aroma and light citrus flavor, while the Warrior brings just enough back bitter to make an IPA.”

Parsons added that the beer is a crazy tribute to hops.

“It’s this ridiculous amount of hopes – we used all kinds,” Parsons said. “It’s sort of silly, but that’s why we called it Transgression.”

Along with Simcoe and Citra the beer also uses Amarillo hops. All of the hops were grown in Yakima, he added.

According to festival rules, Heathen can’t serve the beer until July 25, after the winners are decided. The festival also bought the majority of his “Transgression” kegs, although he has two left that the company will serve and sell as growlers starting that day.

“It’ll be first come first served while it lasts,” Parsons said. “The rest, they’ll have to go to the Oregon Brewers Festival.”

Heathen beat Fish brewing in the first round of the competition.

“Thank you all who voted then and now. We currently have a healthy lead, but today is the last day to vote and we could easily be overtaken so Please VOTE!” Parsons said in an email.


You can vote here: http://www.koin.com/more/contests/battle-of-the-brews-2013/


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