Killing the Golden Goose

Businesses, and specifically small businesses, are what makes this country run and prosper. Businesses create wealth and provide the jobs and revenue that fuel our economy. In a sense it is private business that is the “Goose that lays the Golden eggs.” When businesses suffer, we all suffer. In order to prosper we need to make sure that the goose is healthy.

Unfortunately, government is the biggest abuser of the golden goose. They want to take too much away which does not allow businesses to grow, expand, and prosper. When businesses don’t prosper we all pay the price by having fewer jobs, less tax revenue, and less of the kind of wealth that leads to future prosperity. This is equivalent to taking too many of the golden eggs. If there are no eggs left to hatch and produce more geese, eventually the production of eggs will cease.

When tax revenues start to decrease the first reaction of many in the government is to raise fees, add regulation, and seek tax increases. This is equivalent to trying to get the goose to lay more eggs by tearing down the shed and taking away large portions of its’ feed. Do you believe this would lead to an increase in the production of golden eggs? Of course not! Yet this is exactly the plan that many in government are calling for right now. These actions, if allowed to go forward, will not increase revenue or bring an end to our recession. Instead, they will prolong the suffering and if they are not careful they might even kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

My experience on a farm has taught me something about how to keep animals healthy. My many years in the business world give me a good understanding of what is needed to keep businesses healthy. Those in Olympia need to promote legislation that leads to a healthy business climate which, in the end, will lead to prosperity for all. They need to stay clear of legislation that punishes and over burdens business because private business is where the golden eggs are coming from.

Bob Dean 2010

Bob Dean

Bob Dean

Former Math Educator

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