Obama Care hurts the Elderly

The passage of a health care bill seems all but inevitable in the US Senate. The first question that comes to mind is does anyone know what is in this bill? Recently the Columbian reported that some types of hospice care would be dropped for the elderly under Medicare. If this is true it is outrageous! Anyone who has been in the position to need the help of hospice, and I have been there, knows how essential this care is. Often people have nowhere to turn when their loved ones are dying and It can be a frightful and desperate time. For many hospice care is a “Godsend”. Removing this care from families and the elderly is a low blow against those who are least able to resist.

I heard Obama say yesterday that the passage of this bill was a victory against special interests. It seems to me that it is a victory over the majority will of the American people. I have no doubt that the American people will not forget this cruelty come next November.

Bob Dean 2010

Bob Dean

Bob Dean

Former Math Educator

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