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Oat Waffles

There is nothing quite like a fresh waffle, fluffy and crisp, still piping hot and just pulled from the waffle iron. A guilty pleasure any time of year, a home made waffle is not just nice, it’s what you need when it’s oh so cold outside. These Oat Waffles make any day feel special. Made […]

Air Fryer Fish

What to cook when you don’t feel like cooking. It happens to us all. Maybe it’s the mess that holds you back. Or the time that you don’t have. Sometimes there is nothing that sounds good, but you still need to eat. It could go on for a night or two, or in my case, […]

Beans and Greens

A new year, a new page. We have baked, sifted, roasted and toasted our way through all the holidays and here we are at the beginning again. I am starting the year on a grateful note. Among the many changes that the past two years have brought comes a heightened awareness of where our food comes […]

Pizza Rolls

Get set for New Years with a fast, festive game plan for a fun evening at home. Whether you’re a party of one, family of four, or just a few friends gathering, there’s something here for everyone. Dig out the board games, pick out a movie or two, and let’s have some fun. On New […]

Christmas Cream Scones

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without scones. They are a part of every Christmas morning, and always will be, a tradition our family holds true. There is nothing more wonderful than pulling a tray of these fresh from the oven and serving them heavenly warm while everyone opens their presents. I tried many recipes before coming […]

Pan Roasted Filet Mignon with Green Peppercorns

Merrier by the minute, here are two delicious ideas to make your holiday meal a special one. Fancy, but not hard to do, Pan Roasted Filet Mignon with Green Peppercorns is impressive, yet simple to make. For a juicy, perfectly cooked, just like you’d get at a restaurant steak, try a dry brine. It seasons […]

Instant Pot Beef Stew

Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens! We are bounding right into the busiest cooking season of the year, let’s jingle all the way. This very merry time nudges everyone into the kitchen, even the not bakish. It’s time to bake cookies galore and I suggest you do it with wild abandon.  Don’t let dinner break […]

Seedy Oat Crackers

Don’t wait another minute. The holiday season is here and it’s all about the party bites. You don’t need a big, fancy occasion to celebrate. Today is special enough.  So make yourself a festive drink, snag a cocktail napkin, and let’s have fun!  Kick off baking season with these easy to make, good for you […]

Roasted Squash Rings with Pear, Dried Cherries and Feta

Every Thanksgiving, I think of my grandmothers, both of them gone now, but still in my heart nonetheless. They lived in opposite directions from our house, but somehow synchronized, they would arrive at exactly the same time, both of them dressed in their best for the holiday and bustling through the door carrying heavy plates […]

Thanksgiving Breakfast Cookies

Thanksgiving is a mere week away, and I can’t wait to bake all the pies, casseroles and stuffing my heart can hold. No matter who or how you may be gathering, big or small, there are two things you should be thinking about right now: before and after.  Let’s start with before. Do as much […]

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