Moda Center Food Review: The Humble Slider


The Sliders at “The Humble Slider” are flavorful, but not filling.

Welcome back to our latest edition of the Moda Center Food Review. We are making it our mission here at Blazer Banter to bring you the best and worst of the Moda Center’s efforts to improve the arena’s cuisine.

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The Humble Slider

300 level, across from to “The Pines” bar

This was a new one for me and it’s a new one to the Moda Center altogether. This new slider kiosk concept is an interesting one and located right next to The Pines bar on the 300 level it gives bar-goers an option for a small, yet flavorful plate to enjoy with an adult beverage. Just right next to “The Humble Slider” is a similar small set up for mexican food offering nachos and tacos.

“The Humble Slider,” an in house creation from Levy Restaurants, offers just one thing on the menu.


And if judging solely on flavor was an option, I would say that “The Humble Slider” gets a resounding review from me. I also took the option of adding grilled peppers to the sliders which did not disappoint.

But, the amount of food you get for the price ($9.50) leaves you wondering why you went there instead of the arena burger for about 3 dollars cheaper. And, I would argue that your time and money would be much better spent at the arena’s Killer Burger location which gives you fries and just as much, if not more meat for just over a dollar more.

When breaking down the dish itself, it’s very good. The brioche bun the sliders were served on were a little dry and sadly took away from what was really a flavorful creation. And, the concept is good, especially for food items that people consume when they are drinking.

And, if you’re really watching your portions or your diet, I don’t think you would be going with a cheese-burger type dish like this anyway. If your going for a burger and a real meal, you could do a lot better in multiple places in the arena. If you are just looking for something small, than this is a great option.

I went with the fry sauce option on the burger as you are only given one sauce option and I didn’t really feel like doubling down on the spiciness with the Jalapeño Ranch without tasting the burger first myself.

If anything, adding the sauce is very necessary to enjoying this sandwich considering how dry the bread is.

Also, the view is nice from “The Humble Slider.”

Personally, in the quest of trying what the Moda Center has to offer, I won’t be going back. Although it was flavorful, the amount of food for the price wasn’t enough for me.

Still, it’s a nice addition to the options and did not come up short on flavor. Bunk Sandwiches, a little bit more spendy but only a few steps from “The Humble Slider,” so keep that in mind the next time you head to the Moda.






Erik Gundersen

Erik Gundersen

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