Damian Lillard Has A More Positive Wax Museum Experience

Damian Lillard has a well-documented fear of historical statues which was apparently spawned from a bad experience in a Las Vegas wax museum.

From a report from Casey Holdahl of TrailBlazers.com

So you’re afraid of statues?

“I’m always really scared of like historic stuff like that. Like, if I see statues of Jesus and Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, all that stuff kinda give me a funny feeling.”

What happened at the wax museum?

In Vegas I was at a wax museum for the first time — I went to Vegas for my birthday when I turned — and then I went in and saw all the actors and singers and everything and it was cool. They had like all the actors in one room, then they’ll have all the rappers and everything was separated. Then they had athletes and I was going through and then they had the last room in there was like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, all these like big time historic people. They looked just like them, same size. And they just had that music, that “da-dun-nun-na-nun” like that music playing in the room kinda set the mood. It just threw me off. Ever since then I’ve been done. Even in Lake Oswego, I drive past a cemetery and there’s a statue of Jesus out there with his hands up. That even scares me. So I don’t mess with statues no more, man.”

Lillard, per his social media activity, is in Vegas for the Memorial Day weekend and it appears that time heals all wounds. He went back to a Wax museum in the same city.


Click on the photo to go to the original Instagram post.

Lillard usually takes to social media for humor and this one was pretty funny. The caption on Instagram reads “or nah?” as he was poking fun at himself and the photo.

A statue of Rihanna is certainly a lot less scary than the ones that initially sparked the phobia.

It seemed that a little humor was just the medicine.

Let Lillard’s photo be an inspiration to you all!

Conquer some fears this Memorial Day Weekend!

And if you’re in Portland, don’t think this gives you license to conquer your fears of e.coli in the water.

In other Blazers instagram news, apparently Nic Batum has a dog who the Blazers might have to sign to defend on the wing.






Erik Gundersen

Erik Gundersen

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