Charter customers will now get Trail Blazers games

When I first moved to town, there were plenty starter chores to handle: turning on the electricity, registering to vote, finding my go-to coffee shop and above all, getting cable. Of course, as a Trail Blazers beat reporter, I needed to see the games and like many of you, I found out that the only way to see them consistently was through Xfinity Comcast. I didn’t particularly enjoy being forced to chose Comcast, but hey – such is life.

Today, a little cable variety has opened up for Blazer fans.

Charter will now carry Comcast SportsNet Northwest (CSNNW), home of Blazers’ games as well as Oregon Ducks and Oregon State programming, for it’s customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Customers can access the channel beginning September 17 with the Expanded Basic Digital package on digital channel 427 and in HD on channel 827. So good news for cable customers.

Satellite customers? Your nightmare continues.

CSNNW does not have a deal with satellite companies, so those customers will continue to be blacked out  for the bulk of Blazers’ games. While CSNNW continues to negotiate with Dish Network & DirecTV, as of last week Blazers president Chris McGowan said there was “nothing” new to report on that front.

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