Brandon Roy back in the Rose Garden


Brandon Roy returned to the Rose Garden Arena for the first time as a player on another team. However, Roy was dressed in a checkered button-down accented with a purple tie, not the Minnesota Timberwolves road uniforms.

Roy, in his comeback attempt in the NBA, has only played five games this season. Those vexing knees continue to haunt one of the most beloved Blazers in recent memory.

Before the Saturday night tipoff, Roy met with a group of reporters. Here is a portion of the questions and his responses.

  • on returning: I didn’t have the same energy as if I was playing but I still was excited as I got close to the arena. Just happy to be back pulling in here. I still wish I was able to play this game but I’m still excited to be here and see the fans, and you guys. I haven’t seen you guys in a while.

I was on the road trip. I’ve been working out, getting close to getting back to practice.

  • On what keeps him going: I’m still young. If I was to just stop playing basketball, I don’t know exactly what — I just say why not. I still show up at practice and work out and when the time comes to stop playing, I’ll know when the time (comes).”

  • On returning this year: I think so. That’s my goal. I’m showing up every day, rehabbing and working out to get back on the court.

  • Concerned about long-term health: No, no. There’s always that concern from the beginning of my career. But I’ve talked to two different doctors so far this year. Comparing all my MRIs from that last season in Portland, they say nothing has gotten worse. Until somebody says: ‘Oh, it’s getting pretty bad, you should stop,’ then who knows. I’ll go as long as I can.

  • On the desire to play tonight: I really wish could have played tonight. It’s difficult just watching our team play in any game, especially with all the injuries we’ve had. But tonight would have been really special for me to come back and play here in Portland.

  • It’s still hard to play. Not just here in Portland, but in any game when you don’t feel you’re not as close to 100 percent as possible. I guess I would just say, I didn’t feel as good to just come out here and play in a game. Maybe I could’ve played tonight but I haven’t been practicing enough or getting in basketball shape.

  • On recovery: I’m doing good. I’ve been doing good for a few weeks now without any setbacks. I feel like I’m closer to getting back on the court. I was talking to Kevin (Love) and Chase (Budinger) and those guys. I feel like once they’re healthy and I think be that much closer, we can give ourselves a good look at what this team could have been… Maybe it’s just timing.

  • Memories of career in Portland: I still have my house here, so just going back home it brings back a lot of memories of nights just going home after some really special nights here in the Rose Garden. I have so many memories from my very first season here up until my last that I forget things that people remind me about… That’s what you want when you come to this league is to create memories. I have a lot of special ones here, especially in this building.

  • Why hesitant to speak until now: I’m just not big on doing press conferences or talking to the media. I’m kind of private. At least I can say it’s better. That’s why I just kind of lay back and not say too much.

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