Raymond Felton: "I don't do treatment"

TUALATIN, Ore. — Aside from, you know, giving out his address and telling folks to meet him at his apartment, Raymond Felton has avoided maliciously badmouthing fans and critics despite the vitriol that has been spewed his way in Portland this season.

But Wednesday, we found out that there is something he does, in fact, hate: Training rooms.

While discussing an Achilles tendon that Felton said has been hurting since the All-Star break, a reporter asked the point guard what kind of treatment he’d been receiving.

Answered Felton: “I don’t do treatment. I hate training rooms. That’s bad news for me.”


Felton went on to say that he’s never been a person who goes in the training room, even when he is hurt, nor does he do anything to treat his injuries besides use ice. Asked how the trainers feel about that, Raymond smiled and said: “That’s on them to deal with that. They can’t make me go.”

So what do you do, just rub some dirt on it? a reporter asked.

“Clay,” Felton said. “Some of them old country remedies.”

Portland interim coach Kaleb Canales said that Felton will start tonight. The question is: Will this be Felton’s final start at the Rose Garden as a Blazer?

Well, Felton said that he hasn’t ruled anything out, and that the organization is leaving the door open for him to possibly make a return.

He admits that his season was not what he expected, but added that he has been pleased with his play since the All-Star break.

As for the presumption that he is fed up with the fans and media who have lambasted him most of the year?

“I haven’t had a bad taste here,” Felton said. “There’s been a lot said, but not everyone writes bad about me.”

The one thing he would have done differently if he had the chance?

“Play better,” he said.

Felton will miss Saturday’s game against Memphis to attend his uncle’s funeral.

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