Best Babbitt nicknames so far

After spending 24 hours dedicated to nothing else but thinking of a Luke Babbitt nickname, I finally came up with “Hot Hand Luke.” I put this out on Twitter, and quickly found out that my followers are a lot more creative than me.

Here are some of the highlights.

From @Dan_Sheldon, quoting a fan — “Wascally Babbitt.”

From @danofinternets, in describing the phenomenon — The Babonic Plague (brilliant, but I would make it Babbonic)

From @wastro, and you have to be a “Breaking Bad” fan to get it — Luke-o Salamanca

From @maddisonbond, and the consensus winner so far — Cha-luka

From @FogartyJP, and it helps to be an “X Files” viewer — Chalupocabra

From @bhefter — The Deep One

From @Bloomshakalaka — Babbomatic

From @Spargers — No Fluke Luke (although that’s TBD)

And then there is @blazersedge, who insists on calling Mr. Babbitt Springfield “because that’s where he is going to end his career.”

Dang, Ben, dude gives you the Chalupa interview of the century and you do him like that?

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