Is Brandon Roy coming back?

For those wondering what has been going through Brandon Roy’s head since announcing his retirement in early December, one of his thoughts was recently revealed: A comeback.

While he did not say definitively that he would return to the court, in an interview with David Pick of, the three-time All-Star disclosed he was not ruling it out.

“I’ve been doing things like treatment. I’m trying to leave it open to the fact that I can be able to come back to basketball,” Roy said. “I’m not saying it’s something I will do but there’s some treatment options out there that I’ve been looking really far into. If those things can work, don’t be surprised if you see me playing basketball again.”

Roy announced his retirement on Dec. 9 of last year — the first day of NBA training camp. The 27-year-old missed 33 games last season due to degenerative knee problems, and logged three games in which he failed to score a field goal.

Juxtaposed against the aforementioned struggles was Game 4 against Dallas in the first round of the playoffs, where Roy scored 18 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Blazers to one of the most dramatic wins in franchise history.

So with those memories, mixed with the fact that he’s been keeping close tabs on his friends in the league, the thought of a return has crept into Roy’s mind.

I watch Jamal [Crawford], I follow all his games… It’s just something, that drive to want to get out there is pushing me to want to do it, “Roy told Pick. “Don’t be surprised if you see Brandon Roy make his way back to the court.”

Of course, if Roy did return, it could not be with the Blazers. At least not for a few years.

Portland waived Roy via the Amnesty Clause in December in order to attain the mid-level exception that allowed the acquisition of Crawford. Under the rules of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Roy could not come back to the Blazers until after the 2014-2015 season — when his contract would have expired.

Crawford, a Seattle native who’s close friends with Roy, offered his thoughts on a comeback on Twitter.

“Let me put out a P.S.A. about Brandon so I can answer it just’s something he’s talked about (playing again) but he hasn’t told me that for sure at all,” Crawford said. “I read it like everyone else..when we talk it’s about life not just ball so I wasn’t doing an interview when I last saw him lol..he misses hoop that’s for sure.”

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