Roy reflects on comments

Since Brandon Roy knows he can’t go back, he’s trying his best to look forward.

Two days after admitting that he was on the brink of tears due to his limited role in Tuesday’s Game 2 loss to the Mavericks, and that he “always thought I’d be treated a little better,” the Trail Blazers shooting guard addressed the media to reflect on those comments.

The conclusion?

“It was something that maybe shouldn’t have been said,” Roy said. “I’ll apologize to our fans if I offended anybody, but it was just me being disappointed in losing games, and I just wanted to be out there to help.”

Roy said that he did not talk to his teammates about the remarks and that everybody’s trying to look ahead to what’s really important — which is getting back into this series.

“This is a minor distraction to what Dallas is actually doing,” Roy said. “I think everybody’s focus is ‘how can we beat Dallas?'”

Roy went on to say that he is generally a slow starter but will look to get going as quickly as he can. He said that after the substantial amount of playing time he received in Game 1 of the series, that he had hoped to capitalize on some things in Game 2 — and while he was “frustrated,” understands that McMillan sticking with the starters down the stretch “is part of the game.”

“I got caught up in the emotions of being a competitor,” Roy said. “If I don’t play that much, I gotta be OK with it.”

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