Rudy Fernandez’s road woes (or why he’s like LeBron)

Some stats can be misleading. Others are tough to refute.

Rudy Fernandez’s numbers at home vs. those on the road falls into the latter category.

The Spaniard is averaging 11.1 points per game in the Rose Garden and 6.2 points everywhere else. He is 65 of 148 from the field and 36 of 90 from 3-point distance at home; but just 46 of 150 and 27 of 99 away.

Considering the Blazers are 15-5 in Portland and 9-15 on the road, you’d figure just about all of their players would be more efficient at home. And most are. But Fernandez’s stats display the most glaring contrast.


“I try to play hard and play good every game. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or on the road, but yeah, absolutely, when we play at home, we feel the support from the fans,” Fernandez said. “This is why I play better.”

Still, for his numbers to be that lopsided?

“That surprised me,” Fernandez said. “I usually played better on the road in Spain because I like the people screaming at us.”

Kind of like how LeBron gets booed everywhere he goes?

“I probably feel like LeBron in Spain,” Fernandez said. “In Spain it’s different. The fans, different basketball, everything is different. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Spain, the fans support their team, and every time they scream at other players. It’s intense.”

Blazers coach Nate McMillan has certainly noticed the difference between Home Rudy and Road Rudy — and he doesn’t disagree with the guard’s theory.

“He likes to bring the crowd to their feet,” McMillan said. “He likes to perform at home. He seems to play a little more conservative on the road.”

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