Blazers’ Roy to have knee surgery

A visit from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. A 29-point half from Wesley Matthews. Comeback wins and overtime losses.

It’s been anything but stagnant on the Blazers front over the past couple weeks, but one thing has been missing — news on Brandon Roy’s knees.

Don’t fret. The wait is over.

Blazers general manager, Rich Cho, announced Thursday that the shooting guard will undergo arthroscopic surgery on both of his knees. Team orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Donald Roberts, will perform the procedure next week.

“I’m trying to do the best thing I can to get back on the floor,” said Roy through the release. “We’ve been able to get a number of different opinions and it’s something we’ve decided.”

Roy, who has missed 16 games this season including the last 13, has been hampered by knee problems all year and announced last month that he would be sitting out indefinitely.

The 26-year-old further elaborated on his decision with Blazers broadcaster Mike Barrett in this video clip, expanding on the psychological toll this process has taken on him.

“I’m human. Being young, wanting to go out there and play, watching my teammates go out there and play so hard, and play so well, I want to be out there with them,” he said. “The biggest thing is that my family has been great. I’ve spent a lot of time talking with my family, and they’re trying to keep my spirits up.”


Wesley Matthews limped off the floor after Thursday’s practice, tweaking his ankle while working with assistant coach Bill Bayno.

There was no contact when Matthews went down, and the injury didn’t seem too severe.

“He twisted his ankle,” Blazers head athletic trainer Jay Jensen said in passing. “He’ll be fine.”

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