Blazers coach reacts to Miller’s suspension

Blazers coach Nate McMillan reacted to Andre Miller’s one-game suspension Monday — not condoning his point guard’s actions but recognizing events leading up to his pummeling Clippers forward Blake Griffin.

“There were some plays leading up to the play. Andre was hit twice by Griffin and there were no calls,” McMillan said. “You gotta keep your head in situations like that. Andre just reacted, and that happened…now we lose a player for the game, and that’s really huge.”

McMillan was then asked about Miller’s postgame quotes to the Oregonian, in which Miller said he would have liked to have hit Griffin harder and if there’s an opportunity “you have to send a message.”

Responded McMillan: “Again, if you get hit twice, you’re going to respond. The players in a situation like that, you gotta be smart on the floor, but sometimes things happen, but it’s not always the right way. He reacted to getting hit twice by a big guy.”

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