Sean Marks worked out with the Blazers alongside four other prospects Friday, played well, and was offered a year-long contract shortly after.

It was the second biggest day of his week.

After all, just four days earlier, his son Owen was born in Southern California.
Marks agreed it was strange having to leave his wife and newborn child for Portland when the opportunity arrived, but said that the impromptu move was simply the nature of the business.

Plus, as Marks explained: “I don’t think that he knows I’m gone.”

The 35-year-old’s audition was sparked by Fabricio Oberto’s sudden retirement Thursday, which prompted the Blazers’ instant need for another big man.

Standing 6-foot-10 with a career dating back to the 1998-99 season, Marks has played for Toronto, Miami, San Antonio, Phoenix and most recently New Orleans. He signed a single-season, non-guaranteed contract with Portland.

Seeing how Marcus Camby is questionable for tonight, there’s a chance Marks sees a decent amount of minutes. Not that he’s expecting to take over.

Said Marks of his role: Ultimately, it’s another body.”

Marks , who hails from New Zealand, joins a player who sports a similar accident, although not quite identical. Patty Mills is from neighboring Australia, but Marks doesn’t anticipate any friction. Most the time, at least.

“We’ll see when the rugby teams play,” Marks said laughing. “Then there might be some tension.”

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