Barkley on Blazers, Oden

Transcript of a media interview with Charles Barkley conducted Sunday night at the Rose Garden in Portland.

Barkley on playing golf Monday at Pumpkin Ridge as part of a fundraiser for Parkinson’s disease:

… It’s a place where I can go and be left alone. I love being out there. This is a great city to play golf in. I love the old, traditional golf courses. I’m glad to be a part of this tonight for Brian (Grant). He’s a wonderful person. And I think you can see with Muhammad Ali, Michael J. Fox and those guys here, the high degree of respect we have for him.

On playing against Grant:

Yeah. I loved the competition. But I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. I always tell people, there are a million charity things you get asked to do, and you have to figure out what you want to do. Because every charity is important, No. 1. But they’re not as important to you. So you have to pick the ones you like to do. And I’m here particularly for Brian Grant.

On a red-carpet event in Portland:

Man, Portland’s one of the more underrated cities in the (country). I’ve been coming here a long time, clearly because of my affiliation with Nike. I think it’s one of the better-kept secrets in the country.

On playing golf Monday:

I’m going lefty. I don’t know if I’m hitting them straight. I’m just trying to hit them.

On what he sees in the Blazers:

Until they develop their low-post scoring and find a way to get easy baskets; the same thing I said on television. They’ve got a bunch of wing players who shoot jumpers. Until they develop a low-post scoring threat, they’re not going to go to the next level.

On Portland center Greg Oden:

I wish him the best. He’s a terrific person. … I wish him the best, man. Because I think he’s a terrific kid, and I just want to see him get healthy.

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