Notes: Matthews, Johnson-Mills, Fernadez updates

Collection of Twitter notes posted Wednesday morning about Portland Trail Blazers’ Wesley Matthews, Armon Johnson, Patty Mills and Rudy Fernandez.

Blazers are actively pursuing trade for Fernandez. Team is willing to keep Fernandez, though, and will not give him away for “free.”

Blazers feel that situation with Fernandez has come to a head. His continuing talk about possible move has team wanting to resolve situation.

If Fernandez chooses to play elsewhere, Blazers could place him on suspended list. Team doesn’t think it will come to that, though.

Only way Fernandez is not on Blazers’ roster at start of season is if he is traded. Team will not release him or “sell” his rights.

Blazers are expected to fill out coaching staff by the end of this week.

Blazers feel that they owe it to Johnson, Mills to make a decision soon.

Blazers are currently weighing how they want to handle Johnson-Mills situation.

As Blazers pursue trade options, team is considering possibility of keeping Mills and Johnson. A big move could create room for both.

There is a good chance Johnson remains with Blazers. He and Mills impressed team during Summer League, so Portland feels like it’s a win-win.

Przybilla’s name came up during possible trade discussions, but nothing is imminent for Blazers in terms of a trade.

Matthews said he was open and up front when discussing desire to start during negotiation process with Portland.

Matthews said he considers himself an NBA starter. However, he understands his situation and will be professional.

Big part of the reason Matthews signed a five-year deal was in the hope he would eventually start for Portland.

Blazers will give Matthews the ability to pursue a starting position. It’s Nicolas Batum’s job to lose, but Matthews will have every chance.

Matthews: “God has a plan for everybody.”

Matthews said his career path has been an amazing story. Added that he doesn’t want to mess it up.

Matthews acknowledged he might be overpaid, but he plans to prove himself, either way.

Matthews said Utah made qualifying offer, nothing more.

Matthews on possibly being overpaid: “I’m going to be in the gym.”

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