Notes: Blazers-CSN-FCC

The Portland Trail Blazers have submitted a letter to the Federal Communications Commission detailing a list of complaints about television partner Comcast SportsNet Northwest, among other related issues.

Here’s some background about the comment the Blazers have officially filed.

— Thousands of comments have been filed with the FCC while the government agency reviews the proposed NBC-Comcast merger. Comments can be posted by anyone with a vested interest in the FCC’s ruling.

— While the Blazers’ comment is serious, it technically carries no more weight than any other comment submitted. Moreover, many companies and corporations use the comment process to publicly air and document grievances.

— Regulation of sports TV channels has been and continues to be one of the biggest issues involving media mergers such as the proposed NBC-Comcast combination.

— The Blazers’ ongoing battle with CSN has considerably warmed up during the past six months. However, it does not appear that the two sides are truly at war. This said, the Blazers continue to publicly fault CSN, while the network places responsibility with DirecTV and other networks.

— CSN is adamant that it is losing money while DirectTV and other providers do not carry the network. The network also maintains that the exclusivity of its broadcasts is not on purpose.

— While many people were willing to talk about the issues involved in the dispute between the Blazers and CSN, no one gave any indication that DirecTV or other providers will soon be broadcasting Portland’s games.

— It is estimated that the FCC will make a decision about the merger sometime between late 2010 and early 2011.

— The Blazers’ condition request can be appealed once it is approved or denied.

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