Blazers could make free-agent offer during next few days, source says

The Portland Trail Blazers could make an offer to a free agent during the next 2-3 days, a team source said Thursday.

However, the Blazers’ plans are being held up by several issues.

Uncertainty about how teams with a large amount of salary-cap space will continue to act in an already-unpredictable market has Portland taking a wait-and-see approach. Big-name players such as LeBron James have yet to make a decision, while teams such as New Jersey and Chicago still have a significant amount of cap space to maneuver and make deals with.

Meanwhile, the large amount of money given to mid-tier players thus far has made the Blazers hesitant to make an official offer to a free agent.

Factor in that Portland does not feel that any of the players it is targeting possess “make-or-break” talent, and the Blazers are content to allow the market to shake out before the team makes a move.

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