Final day interview notes

Quick notes from the 2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers’ final interview session with the media Friday at the team’s practice facility in Tualatin, Ore.

— Nicolas Batum said he plans to rest this summer. He is unsure whether he will play for the French national team, and estimated it will take 2-3 months for his shoulder to heal.

— Brandon Roy plans to rest as much as possible this summer. Roy feels that by having knee surgery before the end of the season and then taking the court during the playoffs, he is ahead of schedule.

Roy said he would like the Blazers to improve their perimeter shooting, as well as focus the offense more on the low block.

— Juwan Howard said he greatly enjoyed his season with the Blazers. Howard will play next year, and would like to return to Portland.

— Rudy Fernandez is still in a weird place. He was the only Blazer who discussed their situation in a negative manner. Asked if he wants to return to Portland next season, Fernandez said he has a contract with the team. Fernandez then said several times “I have a contract.” He said he would not to return next season, though, and face the same issues he did this year. But Fernandez also said he liked his teammates and was proud of his team’s achievements.

— Andre Miller said things should be easier next year, and acknowledged that it perhaps took a little too long to develop an open line of communication with coach Nate McMillan and some of the Blazers. Miller was comfortable, at ease and smiled several times during his final interview with the media, though. He seemed as happy and relaxed as he had been all season.

— LaMarcus Aldridge said he will take some time off from all things basketball related. He will evaluate his performance this season after his self-imposed break. Aldridge said the biggest accomplishment for Portland was the fact that the team recorded 50 wins despite missing 311 games due to injury.

— Martell Webster said the team has not tuned out McMillan. Even when players disagree with McMillan or don’t want to hear what he has to say, they still believe in him. Webster was adamant that the Blazers respect McMillan and value his efforts.

Webster said he is proud of his progress and development as a player, but added that he is nowhere near his ceiling.

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