Interview: Pritchard discusses Roy’s knee surgery, long-term prospects

Transcript of an interview conducted Saturday with Portland Trail Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard.

Pritchard on Brandon Roy’s knee surgery, and the likelihood Roy will play again this season:

One thing you know about Brandon: If he could play, he would. The surgery went very well for him; we’re very happy with that. He’s at home, resting. And doing very well, very quickly. But just like with any injury, you take a cautious approach. And you hope he gets back quick and successfully, and we see no reason why that won’t happen. But you know me: I’m all about being cautious and playing it day-to-day. We’re saying a week to two weeks, and we’ll just keep evaluating as we see fit.

On Roy’s fourth knee surgery since high school, and whether that is a concern for his long-term future and the franchise’s:

I think that he’s going to get through all this. He bumped and sort of moved his knee in an awkward position, and that’s what caused the meniscus. But I see no reason why he doesn’t recover fully and have a long, prosperous career. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

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