Interview: Roy — 'Coach, I've got to try, though.'

Transcript of an interview with Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy before Portland’s game Wednesday against Golden State at the Rose Garden.

Roy on playing in the playoffs:

As far as now, I think I’m going to try to play. I think I’m going to try. I really think so. (Laughs) People don’t think so, but it’s going to be based on how I feel. … I’ve been known to (prove people wrong). But who knows? The doctors haven’t let me do anything. Even today, I wanted to say, ‘Can I try that?’ And they were like, ‘nope.’ So, I’ve got to wait. But I think if it’s meant to be, then it’ll happen, and I’ll just have to watch it.

On the possible negative long-term effects if he played:

I’ve thought about it a little. There’s both sides to it. I mean, there’s sides — I’ve heard the sides; I’ve heard both arguments. And nobody’s forcing me at all to play. The thing is, everybody’s like, ‘Why do it? Why?’ It’s one of those things where, I guess when you’re a player, I never looked at my basketball as a 10-, 20-year career. I never looked at it, like, ‘Oh, I’ve got 15 years.’ I always looked at it as, I played every game that I was healthy enough to play. I don’t know good or bad, but it’s just how I’ve always been. Well now, people are like, ‘Look at your career!’ And it’s like, I never like doing that. I’m not a guy who plays; I’ve never been that guy like, ‘Well, let me look at my career or future money.’ I don’t know. I’ve always played because I could and if I was healthy. And if I can play, I want to help my team. If I can play, then I’m going to play.

On testing his knee, and if it feels good, he’ll go:

Yeah, if I feel good, I’m going to go. If I feel good Friday, then I’ll be suited up for that next game. And I’ll be honest: I’m going to go a little harder in practice Friday, just to test it. But I’ve just got to try. I was talking to coach (Nate McMillan), and … he was like, ‘I’m not going to tell you ever not to play.’ But he was like, ‘Just be smart.’ So, I was like, ‘Coach, I’ve got to try, though. I just feel like I’ve got to try.’ And that’s kind of my mentality. And if I can try and the doctors say you’re not going to hurt anything more, then I feel like it’s a go-ahead for me. But if (they) say, ‘You know, Brandon: If you go back out there on this thing … ,’ then I wouldn’t have even thought about playing.

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