Postgame quotes: Blazers 93, Clippers 85

Official postgame quotes following the Portland Trail Blazers’ 93-85 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday evening at the Staples Center.

APRIL 7, 2010
Los Angeles Clippers vs Portland Trailblazers
Post Game Quotes

Portland Trail Blazers Head Coach Nate McMillan
RE: Portland’s Fourth Quarter Strategy
“In the fourth quarter we started to tighten up both offensively and defensively. We attacked this team and tried to put them away. We knew that they were very capable if you allow them to come around. We didn’t want this game to go down to the wire and give [Baron] Davis and [Chris] Kaman any opportunities.”

Portland Trail Blazers Center Marcus Camby
RE: Portland’s Level of Play
“This is the way [the Trail Blazers] have been playing. It’s just this team. They played this way before I got here and have just continued to play at this level since. It feels really good to be headed to the playoffs. After two years off, it feels good. It doesn’t matter who we play, we can compete.”

Portland Trail Blazers Guard Brandon Roy
RE: Portland’s Chances in the Playoffs
“I think we are doing a better job getting stops now. We need to get our second unit to step up a little more if we want to be successful in the playoffs. Being healthy is good, we have been able to build good chemistry with the starting lineup and again we just need to get our second unit to that level if we want to be successful.”

Interim Head Coach Kim Hughes
RE: Keys to loss to the Trail Blazers
“We missed a myriad of open shots and layups in the fourth quarter that really hurt us. We let Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge get away from us in that third quarter. They’re both terrifically talented guys. Some of that was from not respecting them enough. We were supposed to double them and our rotation was very slow in developing.”

Interim Head Coach Kim Hughes
RE: Fourth quarter run
“We made a run and I felt pretty good with our chances. We just couldn’t make shots down the stretch. The defense and energy was pretty good. The second group tonight was very good, DeAndre Jordan and Steve Blake in particular. They both stepped up and did really good things.”

Interim Head Coach Kim Hughes
RE: Clippers’ effort
“We didn’t shoot the ball as well as we needed to in the second half. We had our typical high volume of turnovers but I really liked our effort. I didn’t mind missing shots, nobody misses shots on purpose. I liked the energy and the defense, and if we play like that, we’ll be fine.”

Forward Drew Gooden
RE: Clippers’ fourth quarter run
“We held them to 16 points in the fourth quarter and that was the reason we clawed our way back in. We just missed some shots down the stretch but it shouldn’t have gotten that out of hand that bad. The crowd got into it and that fueled us a lot. They wouldn’t let us give up.”

Center DeAndre Jordan
RE: Keys to winning the remaining games
“There are always going to be runs. They’re going to make shots and we’re going to make shots. We just need to stay focused and continue to come out and play as hard as we can. We’ll win more than we lose if we play hard for 48 minutes.”

Center DeAndre Jordan
RE: Playing against former teammate Marcus Camby
“I talked to Marcus Camby before the game. He’s doing great, I’m really happy for him and I’m happy that he’s on a playoff team. He deserves it. We competed for two years in practice so we talked trash and we knew it was going to be a competitive game. We had fun.”

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