Twitter notes: Miller, Roy develop "blind trust"

An in-depth feature about the relationship between Portland Trail Blazers guards Brandon Roy and Andre Miller will run later this week in The Columbian.

Here are a few Twitter notes following recent interviews with Roy, Miller and Blazer coaches about the relationship between Roy and Miller.

Note: Apologies for the large font. Can’t seem to shrink it.

Blazers’ Roy said Miller was talking a little trash during Portland’s recent win over #Thunder. Roy smiled and laughed when discussing it.

Blazers’ Roy said he and Miller are on better terms than ever. They have not talked one-on-one all season, Roy said, but don’t need to.

Blazers’ Roy said he and Miller, as well as others on the team, have developed a “blind trust”: You do what you say you’re going to do.

Blazers’ Roy said Miller has even begun to shout positive encouragement during the beginning of games. “Let’s get a turnover!,” etc.

Blazer coaches said they have been impressed with Miller’s open mind and his ability to adapt as the season has progressed.

Blazers’ Roy also said, though, that he has learned to be careful about what he says. Re: He felt more comfortable playing with Blake.

Blazers’ Roy acknowledged that the early-season (media-created) drama that surrounded him and Miller feels like a long, long time ago.

Lastly, #Blazers’ Miller said he feels better about being on the team now than ever before. Chemistry, rhythm and trust have been keys.

Oh yeah: #Blazers’ Roy said Camby is very similar to Miller: Action over talk. And once you prove yourself, there’s nothing left to prove.

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