Interview: Pritchard says he is "overwhelmingly proud"

Transcript of an interview with Portland Trail Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard following the Blazers’ 118-90 victory over the New York Knicks on Wednesday at the Rose Garden.

Pritchard on putting the season in perspective:

We have work to do yet. Nate (McMillan) said it best: ‘We want to keep competing and get the best seed we can.’ But I’m overwhelmingly proud. This team is resilient. It shows there’s some great leaders in the locker room. And what has happened is, other, different players have stepped up and been leaders at different times. They’ve been a little bit of a chameleon that way. But Brandon (Roy), LaMarcus (Aldridge) have done a phenomenal job being our foundation. And (Marcus) Camby has been the world to us. He has been absolutely terrific. You can go down the line, form Jerryd (Bayless)’ growth to Rudy (Fernandez) getting better and starting to find his rhythm. I feel like we’re getting where we want to go, and that’s what I’m most excited about. But I’m overwhelmingly proud.

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