Blazers to host final Decade Night against Knicks

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Team to wear Hardwood Classics jerseys for the final time this season

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Trail Blazers will host the fourth and final ‘Decade Night’ tomorrow night against the New York Knicks, honoring key players, contributors and moments from the most recent decade.

The Trail Blazers will host a special halftime ceremony with three players who donned the scarlet, black and silver during the 2000s: Brian Grant, Chris Dudley and Antonio Harvey. The ceremony will be emceed by Bill Schonely, and include some of the players’ favorite memories of the decade, as well as a highlight package commemorating highlights from the last 10 years of Trail Blazers basketball.

After notching three 49-plus-win seasons to begin the decade, the Trail Blazers enter the final month with the possibility of ending the decade with back-to-back 50-win seasons.

In the final celebration during a season-long tribute to commemorate our 40-year anniversary, the Trail Blazers will wear the Hardwood Classic replica of the ’77 Championship team jerseys, a red “road” jersey with vertical Blazers lettering and a stripe down one side. Hardwood Classics apparel – including a limited-edition “Boom-Shaka-laka” t-shirt – will be available at the Fan Shop.

The Trail Blazers wore the Hardwood Classic jersey for two seasons, 1975-76 and 1976-77 (their sixth and seventh year in the NBA), amassing an overall record of 86-78. Only 23 players donned the jersey style during its two-year reign, but their accomplishments assured its place in history.

Portland has worn six different uniforms during its 40-year history, with four of them coming during the first decade. The style worn from 1975-77 was the third.

“We switched jerseys so often early in our history because we wanted to find the right fit,” team founder Harry Glickman said. “We wanted something both the players and the fans liked.”

Following the 1976-77 season, the Trail Blazers seemed to find ‘the right fit’. The current look has gone vastly unchanged for the past 30 years, with only minor changes to the font and trim.

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