Garbage-time humor: Celtics’ Davis and a Blazer fan trash talk

With less than two minutes left in the Boston Celtics’ 96-76 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night at the Rose Garden, Celtics forward Glen “Big Baby/Uno Uno” Davis cracked a huge smile.

A Blazer fan in about the fifth row near the home basket yelled out that Davis would rather be devouring a cheeseburger than his mouthpiece during a free-throw attempt by Boston’s Tony Allen. Davis, who was avidly chewing on his mouthpiece at the time, clearly heard the fan.

Soon, Davis began chomping hard on his protective gear. Then he smiled and pointed at the fan. The fan quickly stood up, and continued to make fun of Davis. At the same time, the Celtics forward brought both of his hands together, motioning like he was eating an enormous cheeseburger. Davis then cracked up, and began chewing even harder on his mouthpiece. While the fan continued shouting, Davis swallowed his mouthpiece, attempted to block out a Blazer, and called out a defensive play.

The NBA: Where cheeseburger taunting happens.

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