Blazers, Wells Fargo have completed 16,848 community service hours

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Nearly 12,000 hours tallied during the months of December and January

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Trail Blazers and Wells Fargo – with an assist from fans – have completed 16,848 total hours toward their goal of 40,000 hours of community service this season, a pledge both companies committed to in October.

The total includes 5,482 community service hours in December, and 6,497 hours in January. The two organizations have increased their monthly volunteer efforts each month since the program was launched.

The quest toward 40,000 hours, which has been dubbed the “Take Time Out” program, will continue through April 14, the final night of the regular season.

Each month, Trail Blazers fans are encouraged to volunteer their time to help reach the 40,000-hour goal. Last month, members of the Luis Palau Association paved the way for all fans, volunteering an incredible amount of time at various Martin Luther King, Jr. Day projects.

Hands-On Greater Portland is offering Trail Blazers fans the following volunteer opportunities during the month of February: Native Planting at Keller Woodlands (February 6), Knit for Newborns (February 14), and Help Get Books into the Hands of Children! (February 17 & 24).

The Trail Blazers have made a commitment to make it better in the communities in which we live, work and play. The company offers 40 hours annually for its employees to volunteer at organizations of their choice during the work week. The team’s make it better program hosts all-company service days throughout the season and sends small employee teams into the community weekly throughout the summer. In addition, Trail Blazers employees personally contributed more than $33,000 to benefit local service organizations last year.

Wells Fargo encourages its team members to volunteer in many ways. These include a volunteer leave program, a volunteer service awards program, and a web site dedicated to communicating information about community volunteer opportunities. The company also provides team members two paid days annually to volunteer. Strengthening the communities where its team members live and work is integral to Wells Fargo’s vision and values. The company believes it can only be as strong as the communities it serves.

Additional information can be found by logging on to and clicking on the “Volunteer” link.

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