Postgame quotes: Blazers 98, 76ers 90

Portland Trail Blazers

Coach Nate McMillan

Opening statement …

This was a sad game for Brandon (Roy). We think he tweaked his same injury. the other guys stepped up and played well. What we have to do is keep our heads and let each other play the game. Tonight we went with a different lineup. Rudy (Fernandez) finished the game tonight, (Jerryd) Bayless and (Andre) Miller also helped out in our different lineup. (Andre) Miller really stepped up and led the team. LaMarcus (Aldridge) was fantastic in establishing us and being the vocal leader. Our other guys played and produced a big win. We haven’t had the best of luck with this team in the past, so this was a big win.

How important was Jerryd (Bayless) in the fourth quarter?

He struggled shooting his last game, and tonight we needed him down the stretch needing some aggressive play. He was the difference in this game going down the stretch making big plays and hitting big shot.

On Andre Miller and Jerryd Bayless …

(Andre) Miller gets us into our offense and gets the ball where it needs to go. He was the guy that we tried to run our post-ups out of and late in the ball game we tried to get him involved in the post as well. (Jerryd) Bayless is the guy that is attacking and creating shots. He tries to get to the free throw line and when his shot is falling, he really helps us out.

On Brandon Roy …

We are going to have to look into seeing if we are going to rest him the rest of this road trip. We have to see if it’s a pull or if it’s just going to tighten up again.

Andre Miller

How big was this win tonight in Philadelphia?

It was a big win. They came to Portland and beat us so at least we got the win here.

This is never an easy place to play, so to come in here and hold off a late push by the Sixers must be a good feeling …

We were in the same position against Washington last game and we lost. This time, we made plays and got to the free throw line and got it done.

On the Trail Blazers style of play …

We are forced to play up-tempo with all the injuries, but with all the injuries we have to play more aggressive on the perimeter and get to the free throw line, so we have to take it as it goes.

Philadelphia 76ers

Coach Eddie Jordan

Opening Statement

“I thought we at least came out in the second half with a little more aggression, but you know it comes down to the end. They just kept driving and finishing plays even when we had some decent defense and the shot clock. They would find something, an offensive rebound, a late drive or a late basket there. We just could not do the same; we could not come back and finish plays at the rim. We got some stops. Andre (Iguodala) got out on the steal, that was a good play and I thought that could steal some momentum but they kept getting to the basket. When (LaMarcus) Aldridge can make a shot from the foul position and those areas it is tough to guard.

On the play of the Trail Blazers’ guards …

“They were aggressive; they just drove to the basket. I thought we defended a lot of possessions well but not at the end. In the last four seconds they slipped in and got a lay-up or a shot or an offensive rebound. They just drove it on us; we could not contain them.”

Were you surprised with how much energy Samuel (Dalembert) had in the second half?

“No I am not surprised; he has been wonderful. He is going to be tired tomorrow and I do not expect him to do a lot tomorrow. He needs to get some rest the next day until game time.”

Allen Iverson

Different team, same type of game. Is it frustrating when the team struggles towards the end of games?

Yes, we are a little snake-bitten right now. We just are having a lot of bad things go our ways towards the end of games. A stop here or a stop there and we would be right there. We just can’t seem to get over the hump.

Talk about the play from the Blazers guards …

They just played well. [Jerryd] Bayless got out in transition and made a lot happen and got a lot of easy baskets. Andre [Miller] played well throughout the game. They got good games from both guys. Brandon Roy didn’t play and those guys stepped their game up.

Elton Brand

What helped the team push back towards the end of the game?

Communication was better in the fourth quarter and we got some stops finally. It wasn’t as easy for them. We just didn’t close it out. We missed a few rebounds, fouled, and got them in the penalty, but they hit their shots.

You keep seeing the same results, is it the team’s talent?

It is definitely not talent because we are in ball games. We are up 17 in ball games or we have a chance. Just not every ball game ended well lately. It is about putting the talent together and putting the right pieces out there at the right time so that we can defend and score at the same time. That is all it is about.

Do you have a different feeling on the road?

Actually on the road, we have been close, fought hard, and gutted out wins. We got the tips, we got the scores, and got the rebounds that we needed. We got the tip-in that we needed. But we need more if we are going to make this push. We are going to make this push.

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