Interview: Blazers' McMillan during the morning after

Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan was interviewed by the media following a Friday morning shootaround at the team’s practice facility in Tualatin, Ore.

McMillan discussed details regarding his heated, expletive-filled conversation Thursday with Miller.

On Miller:

Andre’s fine. What happened yesterday, that was on me. And I apologized to the team for the way that was handled. We handle things different in situations like that, and I have to control that, and I didn’t do that. So, that is behind us. Our focus is on the (Los Angeles) Lakers and playing the game tonight.

On why he apologized:

Because there are situations that I can control and I should control, and I should have handled that probably different. And I didn’t. I allowed that to get to where it was at, and I’ve controlled situations like that in the past. And have got to do a better job in the future of doing that. So, sometimes things happen. And that was something that should’ve been handled differently.

On whether there is a positive in that the air was cleared between he and Miller:

What has been building? I think you guys are building something? I mean, what are you talking about ‘has been building?’ … Nothing has been building. And as I said — I won’t comment on this, after this — that situation should have been handled different. And that’s on me to make sure that it does, and I will.

On whether he has spoken with Miller:

I have.

On whether the conversation should have occurred behind closed doors:

It should have been handled different. And that is something that I know. And we will in the future.

On when he realized it should have been handled differently:

Guys, OK? I’m not going to elaborate on what went on yesterday. You had it out there, OK? It’s dead. Our focus is on the Lakers tonight. We talked about that; I addressed the team. For us, we’re moving our focus to the Lakers.

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