Interview: Blazers’ Miller discusses his future with and role on the team

Transcript of an interview with Portland Trail Blazers guard Andre Miller following a Sunday morning practice at the team’s workout facility in Tualatin, Ore.

On his performance against the Warriors:

It was just another game.

On his role with the team:

With all the injuries, you’ve just got to find your way into the lineup. Last night, it was really like they didn’t have a choice but to play me. So there were shots. If everybody was there, I probably would’ve been on the bench. So, that’s how it goes sometimes; opportunities. We got the win, and I stepped in, and that’s all that matters.

On going into the game knowing he had to step up:

Kind of. I mean, who else is going to take the shots besides Brandon (Roy)? LaMarcus Aldridge is out. And normally him and Brandon take the bulk of the shots. So everybody just has to pitch in a little bit more.

On how this season has gone for him:

I’ll look back at the end of the season. This is all new for me. So, we’re almost halfway through the season. And I still don’t know what’s going on. I came here to win, that’s all that really matters. All the injuries and the minutes and you never know what (would) have happened if everybody was here. The coaches would’ve had a tough job figuring out who’s going to play and trying to make everybody happy.

On whether he thinks he will be a Blazer next season:

I don’t know. It’s how the coaches and the management sees it. I just don’t think I’ve been given the opportunity as a veteran to actually show what I can do to help this team; there never was a chance coming in here to put my stamp on the team as a veteran leader. If you look at it, if you’re not given the opportunity, you’ve got to find it; you’ve got to find ways to adjust. Whether the management sees me playing a bigger role next year or moving me. That’s their decision. But, if they was to move, it wasn’t really an opportunity for the start. … I can’t get my head down about it; I’ll be a professional about everything. It’s just coming into the whole situation, I wasn’t given that chance that a veteran should be given; a fair chance. But that’s part of the business. I’ll be a professional about it.

On any new trade talk from his agent:

Nope. I’m just going to continue to play. I’m healthy.

On still putting up solid numbers:

Yeah, for the amount of time that I’m in there. I prove when I’m on the court, the +/- (is) good, and all that type of stuff. The only thing I can really look at is the record being in the starting lineup.

On whether he pays attention to that:

Yeah, I mean, I’m not a statistics person. But when you’re being put in this type of situation, you’ve got to try to figure out positives to motivate yourself to go out there and get the job done. And that’s what I look at the most. I’m a fourth-quarter player and I haven’t been in there in the fourth quarter. I’m just looking at trying to get positives out of everything. Positives that guys are getting the opportunity to step in and do things. And young guys. Everybody’s not here. I mean, you’ve got over half the team hurt, which is unheard of. Guys are getting the opportunity to step in. So, if I have to take a step back — I never wanted to come in here and say, ‘This is my team.’ I just wanted to provide some leadership and run the team.

On being part of the team and taking pride in persevering through and winning despite injuries:

Everybody does. I think bringing me and Juwan (Howard) here —

On whether the addition of he and Howard has helped the team adjust and adapt:

You never know. You’ve still got guys that are going to prove it and keep the team going. But it’s a good mix. Our ages and the young guys; it’s a decent mix.

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