Postgame: Webster, Miller discuss disappointing loss to Grizzlies

Portland Trail Blazers guards Martell Webster and Andre Miller discussed their reaction to a 106-96 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night at the Rose Garden.

Webster on coach Nate McMillan’s postgame comments and Brandon Roy’s reaction to them:

I think it’s a combination of both. No disrespect to Brandon or LaMarcus (Aldridge), those are our captains. And also, we didn’t respond. We got punched in the mouth and we didn’t react. We just kind of fell deeper into the hole. And we had a chance to get back, and we didn’t have quite enough time. So, yeah our guys — they know; LaMarcus and Brandon know. They’re pros. We’re all pros. And nobody wants to lose on this team or in this organization. I think it’s just a combination of both. I mean, what’s wrong with that? I’m just saying, like, we didn’t respond. I think it was mostly we didn’t respond. We kind of kept doing the things that put us deeper and deeper into the hole. Then we finally realized that; we didn’t have enough time to get back out of it.

Miller on McMillan’s and Roy’s comments:

The rhythm out there, we can control that. But our defense — they just came out there and hit us real quick. Kind of in control for a second, and then lost control. And maybe, like, two or three minutes, they ended up, like, 15, 16 points.

On the loss:

You’re supposed to win those games. So, there’s no excuses. Take care of the games you’re supposed to win and take care of home court. That’s a game we were supposed to win. They just came out and they saw something and they took advantage of it.

On the Blazers’ lack of energy and what might be causing it:

I don’t know what it is. We’ll be all right. But we’ve got to win the games we’re supposed to win. We can’t take teams for granted. That team’s a good team with a couple veterans. They added a veteran in Jamaal Tinsley that just kind of came in and controlled the game. So, it’s a learning experience.

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