Why Eileen Quiring doesn’t want me interviewing her on CVTV

Councilor Eileen Quiring being interviewed on CVTV.

Councilor Eileen Quiring being interviewed on CVTV.

If you’re a fan of CVTV (basically the C-SPAN of Clark County) there’s a good chance you’ve seen glimpses of me at county council meetings slouching in my chair and typing frantically. You might have also seen me on “Clark County Focus,” a program where I interview members of the county council.

However, in this upcoming episode of “Clark County Focus” you won’t see me. I was supposed to interview Republican Councilor Eileen Quiring. However, I received a last-minute email from the staff at CVTV notifying me that Quiring had asked that she not be interviewed by me and that Rick Bannan from The Reflector would instead interview her.

I caught up with Quiring after Tuesday night’s council meeting and asked her what the problem was. Quiring told me I asked a “gotcha” question last time she appeared on the program in September. The offending question was whether she would support state Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, for county council chair over incumbent Chair Marc Boldt, who doesn’t have a party affiliation. Pike has since dropped out of the race.

This is not a “gotcha” question. (You can watch the interview here for yourself and decide for yourself). Quiring seems to have a working relationship with Boldt. But Pike supported Quiring’s bid for council and the two are allied politically. I’m sure it was an awkward situation for Quiring, but I wanted to know about it. There’s no “got” to get.

No one had ever approached me with parameters for “Clark County Focus” interviews and I never agreed to any. I’ve also asked other members of the council political questions and received no pushback.

Anyways. Rick, if you’re reading this, you’ve been warned. If you ask her any questions she doesn’t like, she’ll dash away any aspirations you might have of interviewing her on future episodes. Maybe you should just send her your questions in advance and practice looking really amazed with her answers.

Or, you could pepper her with even more uncomfortable political questions. Here’s one: .“Councilor Quiring, you’ve previously boasted that you received more votes when you were elected to your council seat than Boldt received when he was elected. The Clark County Republican Party is currently looking for someone to run for county council chair. Would you consider running against Marc Boldt?”


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