What Marc Boldt thinks a Trump presidency will mean for Clark County

Marc Boldt, candidate for Clark County council chair

Marc Boldt, candidate for Clark County council chair

In case you missed it, I made my first appearance on Clark County Focus, a program on CVTV that focuses on Clark County. I joined Nick Shanmac, the editor-in-chief of the Vancouver Business Journal, to talk with County Chair Marc Boldt about all things Clark County.

We also talked about more. Specifically, what Boldt thought about the surprising results of the national election.

“Nationally, I was a little surprised, you know, like everybody else,” said Boldt, referring to Donald Trump’s shocking victory on election night.

Boldt (who is nonpartisan but has been affiliated with the Republican Party) struck a conciliatory tone when asked about protests against Trump’s impending presidency.

“Sometimes, I think it’s best just to step back because when I look at the Trump people and the Hillary people, they kind of egg each other on if you ask me,” he said. “So lets just don’t talk so much and try and think what the other person’s going through. I mean the people lost a big election; they’re angry; they’re scared. Let’s give them a little time to get through that.”

When I asked about what a Trump administration might mean for Clark County, Boldt seemed optimistic. He said that the county has struggled with permitting through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and expected the federal government under a Trump administration to be more responsive to local needs.

He said that Clark County has to work with the Seattle office of the Army Corps, which he described as more environmentally minded than the Spokane office. He said the county has sought to be put under the purview of the Portland office, which he said would be more responsive.

“So that’s one of my hopes is that our Congressman [sic] Jaime Herrera Beutler will have a little more influence in that decision-making now through the Trump administration,” he said.

But Boldt might be forgetting that Herrera Butler refused to vote for Trump. Maybe Trump will forget too.

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