What do Jeanne Stewart and Eileen Quiring have against Every 28 Days?

Yesterday, Sean Guard, a former mayor of Washougal, took to Facebook to complain about two members of the Clark County Council not signing onto a proclamation regarding tampons and homeless women.

Most council meetings begin with a proclamation, an innocuous event where recognition is given to an organization or cause. However, at the council’s February 20 meeting neither Jeanne Stewart nor Eileen Quiring signed on to a proclamation recognizing Every 28 Days, an organization that provides feminine hygiene products to low-income and and homeless women.

Here’s the text of Guard’s Facebook post:

Eileen Quiring wants to chair the Clark County Council, but won’t even support women in need in Clark County. Read on.

My wife and I have happily supported Every 28 Days, a county-wide volunteer effort that was started in 2017 to collect women’s hygiene products for homeless women and other women in need in our community. It has been a wonderful success!

This year, in preparation for the February collection drive, the event chairperson, Lisa Goodrich, asked the Clark County Council for a simple proclamation of support for the effort. Seems simple and easy, huh?

Normally all five councilors, or at least those in attendance at the meeting, sign the proclamations. Not this time. Quiring both REFUSED to sign that specific proclamation and then proceeded to LEAVE THE ROOM while it was even being read, coming back in as soon as it had been read. She was joined in this senseless stunt by fellow commissioner Jeanne Stewart.

Eileen Quiring cannot find it in herself to even support those who are supporting those in need in our community, let alone supporting those individuals directly.

Thank you to Commissioners Julie Olson, Marc Bolt and John Blom who did support the proclamation.

A video of the hearing shows Councilor Julie Olson reading the proclamation. She prefaced it by saying that the group is working on an issue that is not talked about enough. The video shows that both Stewart and Quiring were indeed absent from the hearing

I’ve reached out to both Stewart and Quiring to find out what they have against the proclamation. I have yet to hear back but will gladly update this post if I hear back.


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