Vick introduces bill to allow ADUs in rural areas

Washington state Rep. Brandon Vick, R-Vancouver, has introduced a bill intended to support one of Clark County’s housing initiatives.

The county is currently seeking to modifying its codes to promote the development of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. They’re compact dwellings that are in the backyard of or attached to residential houses. The county is hoping that ADUs will help ease its housing crunch. However, state’s land-use laws, ADUs need to be attached to the primary dwelling in rural areas.

Vick’s bill, HB 2503, would fix that and has support from other members of Clark County’s legislative delegation.

Clark County Councilor John Blom said that changing the state’s land-use laws is typically an uphill battle. He’s not sure what the argument against what seems to be a straight-forward proposal will be.




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