Tomi Lahren knows what happens to Pacific Northwest snow flakes

Tomi Lahren speaking at the Clark County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.

Tomi Lahren speaking at the Clark County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.

On Sunday, the Clark County GOP held its annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Hilton Vancouver, which included Tomi Lahren as it special guest speaker. In case you’re not on the internet all day, Lahren has become a 24-year-old conservative darling for savagely eviscerating opposing viewpoints with the sheer, burning confidence of her own opinions (although one of her opinions caused her to lose her job giving opinions at TheBlaze and also caused some local Republicans to be upset about her speaking at the event).

On Sunday, she was in full effect (you can watch it on CVTV), telling those that had shelled out $120 for the event all about President Donald Trump, the necessity of the border wall and the woeful state of the media and college campuses. Acknowledging she’s in a “blue area,” she mockingly issued a “trigger warning” to any liberals in earshot and demonstrated her awareness of Portland’s annual World Naked Bike Ride, which occurred the same night.

“Thank you for being here because I know there is a naked bike ride,” she said. “And I know that all of you probably wanted to be there instead.” She added that people could go later and would likely be welcomed with “open arms and whatever else.”

“I’m sure you even fear for your safety being a conservative in places like this,” she said.

However, she had some encouraging words saying that expressing conservative views might just “melt some snowflakes,” referencing what’s become a pejorative term for individuals who are too precious to hear opinions outside of their safe spaces.

“I hear it rains a lot here, maybe that’s why,” she said.  “Snowflakes are just melting away here.”

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