Most would agree Martin Hash is not the typical candidate. He frequently refMartin Hashers to his pedigree as “the only-ever simultaneously licensed doctor, lawyer, accountant and engineer in the world,” when answering questions about issues facing Southwest Washington and prefers to debate on Facebook rather than hold traditional town halls. Hash is running as a Democrat but some of his views stray from the party line. He favors a border wall, for example, and has some views on women and the LGBTQ community that certainly buck the liberal trend.

Since announcing his candidacy for the 3rd Congressional District, I’ve looked over conversations Hash has had with the public and listened to a podcast or two (or dozens). Here’s a select handful of some of my favorite quotes from the Democratic candidate. I’ve linked each comment for context.

Life is a game. Most people just don’t know the rules.

Talk to the hand.”

It’s a ridiculous circle-jerk.”

I don’t take myself seriously. That’s a good thing.

Dude, I’m incorruptible

R U a bot?

I can bless you. Do you want to be blessed?

No insult intended, but you talk like a pussy.”

On transgender bathrooms: “They exploit the courtesy that got gendered bathrooms in the first place, but without the democracy.”

On women and respect: “Women claim respect they have not earned. Women are unaware that they have low status and can’t understand why there aren’t more of them at the top. They blame discrimination then insist on being inserted above men of far higher status.”

On female violence: “Women blithely enter the realm of male hierarchy oblivious to the seething violence all around them, relying on the indoctrination of men to keep them safe, yet males suffer the consequences of their action. Who’s the real victim here?”

On man-spreading: “The anti-man campaign doesn’t have to make sense because that’s not its intention; its goal is to diminish men by haranguing and disparaging them, one of the most effective weapons in the secret war against men.”

On Black Lives Matter: “Black Lives Matter is really about Reparations; the idea is that Whites pay money to ‘Blacks,’ a kind of reverse slavery.”

On gay rights: “A Gay Rights parade is more than spectacle; it puts the world on notice that anyone willing to dress publicly in assless chaps isn’t going to be afraid to get right in your face: sell us the damn wedding cake or we’ll shut down your business.”

On tipping: “I don’t go anywhere that requires tipping. In fact, if I see a ‘Tip Jar’ on the counter, I put my merchandise down and go somewhere else.”

On polygamy: “I’m descended from Mormon polygamy, but my wife would never put up with another wife, and I wouldn’t accept with another husband, but that’s only our opinions, different strokes for different folks.”

On wedding cakes and discrimination: “If you want some self-righteous food discrimination, go eat at your church.”

On campaign finance: “Campaign donation caps laws are intended to mute the rich, clearly a violation of their liberty.”

On homelessness: “Many need to be put in mental health facilities but that costs big money. Alcoholics are the most expensive, and schizophrenics are the scariest, but the majority are just plain stupid: not drunks, not mentally ill, just incapable of doing anything productive, and certainly can’t have any responsibility of any kind.”

And to close with my personal favorite:

“Settled that. Google me, bitch.”


Katy Sword

Katy Sword

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