The Turlays have an email issue

Today we ran a story about Councilor Bill Turlay and how he is confused about email. Specifically distinguishing between his personal and private accounts.

As he said, “I just hit the computer, and it says OK from here to there and I send it.”

Turlay’s wife Stephanie is a semi-regular commentator on city issues. You can read about her last encounter where she criticized English-language learners’ and their right to a bilingual education here.

But it looks like she also doesn’t quite understand how email works. Stephanie sent an email stating her opposition to funding for the arts — an issue the council recently discussed — but had some trouble getting her thoughts from here to there. Instead, Stephanie sent her email to City Manager Eric Holmes to forward on to council.

Stephanie Turlay email


If you want to read her view on arts funding, her email is below.

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am opposed to the funding for the Arts for the following
reasons: Citizens’ of Vancouver have had numerous tax
increases this past year. The homeless issues, purchase of a
building, and low-income maintenance assistance property tax
and other increases abound. Then residences in the Evergreen
school boundary have $800M bond which will take almost 20
years to pay off. The City and County and State have initiated
new tax increases as well. This, in addition to regular city
expenses, Police, Fire, roads/streets, etc. and you have a
sizeable existing tax burden on the people which have already
threatened the financial stability of many low-income and
elderly. If Governor Inslee’s Carbon Tax goes through this
changes the entire game for everyone, and not for the better…

The Arts issue is a luxury which most citizens of Vancouver have
little interest in funding. This should be financed and managed
by those who have the means to promote and support it. To
force the entire city to support this type of optional luxury costing
without a vote is wrong and unfair.

I was an Art major in college and High School. I love my art
hobbies and interests, but I would not be at all comfortable
forcing others to pay to support my interests.

This is not a fair way to satisfy the few at the expense of the
many nor should it be given priority due to your personal

Stephanie Turlay
Vancouver, WA

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

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