I have a fascination with campaign signs. Where they end up, how long and where they’re allowed, decisions behind logos and imaging. This year, as I noted the seemingly dozens spread on each street, I wondered how much candidates pay for their signs.

I looked at the Vancouver City Council race for answers.

Incumbent Laurie Lebowsky, who’s raised $17,064.60 and spent $12,110.05 so far, has spent a total of $2,732.11 on signs. A whopping $2,600 on the signs themselves, and $132.11 on the lumber needed to post them.

In second place for overall fundraising is Mary Elkin. She’s raised $11,414.50 so far and spent $6,190.20. Her signs were a little cheaper. She spent $1,777.05 total. Her sign hardware got $326.62 and the signs came out at $1,363.32.

Last but not least, although she’s raised less than the other candidates in the race, is Sarah Fox. Her campaign coffers come to $3,577.98 with $2,406.06 spent so far. Fox’s expenses were more detailed than others. She spent $8.31 on sign hardware and another $123 for sign supplies. Her small signs cost $200 and she spent $250 to buy two large signs. She also paid $450 for the design, the only candidate to note such an expense. Her total for signs comes to $1,031.31.

The remaining candidates in the race, Maureen McGoldrick and Adam Shetler, have not reported any contributions or expenditures.

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

I cover the city of Vancouver and federal politics. Reach me at katy.sword@columbian.com.

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