Silliman won’t run for county council after all

Peter SillimanFor months, rumors have been circulating that Peter Silliman, a former county policy analyst, was planning to challenge Julie Olson for her seat on the Clark County Council. But Silliman has confirmed that he’s not running.

Both are Republicans and his run would have likely would have set off an inter-party battle along familiar lines. Silliman, was hired by and had a close relationship with former Republican County Councilors David Madore and Tom Mielke. Olson clashed with the former councilors and has been criticized by more conservative members of her party for being too willing to sign off on fees and taxes.

Silliman said that he considered running for the position but said it’s not going to work out this year.

He said that he received a significant promotion at his job working as a manager for a telecommunications company and he needs to provide for his family.

“I might consider it in the future,” he added.

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