Ridgefield’s former City Manager George Fox calls council meetings “a waste of time”

Former Ridgefield City Manager George Fox stirred up some controversy on the Facebook page of Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman.

Burkman, who officially steps down Dec. 31, posted a link to the soon-to-be open city council position. The position requires an appointment because Burkman’s elected replacement Scott Campbell is deceased.

While many used the post to discuss their interest in a diverse candidate and the challenges of the position, Fox deemed city council meetings unnecessary, stating they “exist to stroke the fragile egos of the elected officials who do nothing at all for years then retire. The whole system is a joke!!”

He further stated that hosting too many meetings prevents progress and solutions and are “just a lot of hot air.”

Fox was fired after little more than a year on the job in 2006 for allegedly mismanaging police affairs, showing favoritism to developers and misrepresenting himself as an attorney. Fox received a $247,500 settlement.

It’s worth noting this is not the only time he’s called the government a waste of efforts.

Earlier this month he commented on a Columbian article concerning the Clark County Auditor’s Office and a national honor based on its annual financial report. Fox said the reports are too long and questioned how many actually view the reports.

As to Burkman’s post, Fox also utilized the opportunity to allege the homeless issue and community racism are not being fixed “because government is captive to people who prefer it this way.”

The inflammatory comments appeared to stop once Burkman asked Fox to stop commenting.

“It is apparent to me that you are not interested in a conversation, are angry at government, and just trolling here,” Burkman wrote.

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

I cover the city of Vancouver and federal politics. Reach me at katy.sword@columbian.com.

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