Perez celebrates first six months in Congress

Out of 212 democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez ranks seventh highest for most frequently cosponsoring Republican bills, according to a press release celebrating the freshman congresswoman’s first six months in office.

In Perez’s half-year in Congress, she has held five town halls in the 3rd District, casted more than 280 bills and authored four amendments on the House floor, according to the release.

“Since being sworn in, my bipartisan team and I have fought to deliver meaningful results for Southwest Washington. I’m proud to say, six months in, we’ve made significant progress,” Perez said in the release. “I’ve met with folks all across the district, introduced practical, bipartisan legislation, and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for constituents. I’m going to keep working as an independent voice to tackle the issues that matter most to Southwest Washington.”

In Southwest Washington, Perez’s office has sent 31,250 letters in response to constituents, helped residents receive $389,172 owed by federal agencies, and hosted three Farm Bill listening sessions with agricultural leaders in the district.

In Washington D.C., Perez has earned a bipartisan cosponsor percentage of more than 85 percent, which measures how often a member of Congress introduces bills that attract cosponsors from the other party.

Perez has introduced eight bipartisan bills on issues including rural childcare, substance use treatment for pregnant and postpartum women, preserving AM radio in cars, right-to-repair, and investing in forest management.

This year, Perez has become an outspoken advocate for Southwest Washington on a federal level, helping secure $40 million in funding for the Washougal 32nd Street Underpass Project from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

She has brought several high-profile politicians to the area, including U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, head of the Small Business Administration Isabel Guzman and Xochitl Torres-Small, who earlier this week was confirmed into office as the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture.

— Carlos Fuentes

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