No, elections for the charter review commission aren’t this year

Residents of Clark County should just relax about county’s charter review commission — at least for a while.

That’s the message contained in a press release sent out Thursday by Clark County, that seems to have been prompted by citizens who are overly eager to dive into the minutiae of the foundational document of county government.

In 2014, Clark County voters passed the home rule charter that, among other changes, transformed the county’s commission form of government to a council-manager. The charter contained a provision that it be reviewed five years after its adoption by a 15-person review commission to be elected in the next November election.

“There has been some confusion in the community that the 5-year review meant the election of freeholders would take place in November of this year,” said Council Chair Eileen Quiring in a prepared statement.

The statement didn’t get into the details of the confusion. But it clarified that the countdown to begin reviewing the charter didn’t start until it was officially certified and adopted in late November 2014. That means the next general election five years after the charter was adopted will be November 2020.

According to the press release, the charter review commission will be comprised of three residents from each of the four county council districts, as well as three people elected countywide. The commission will be responsible for reviewing the charter and proposing amendments that would be submitted to county voters in the general election following the review process.

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