Maureen McGoldrick finally responded to my interview request

With each candidate, we try to offer an initial introduction to the community. When filing week wrapped up May 18, we at the Columbian had a plethora of new candidates to speak with. One of those candidates felt like deja vu. Maureen McGoldrick had filed once again for Vancouver City Council.

McGoldrick ran last year for the position but ultimately lost to Scott Campbell who died before the election. His election triggered an appointment process. In February, Laurie Lebowsky was appointed by the city council, but the position requires a public election so Lebowsky must seek reelection and face off against any challengers. She has four: Mary Elkin, Sarah Fox, Adam Shelter and McGoldrick.

Of the four, McGoldrick is the most elusive. She was described by the late-Campbell as a “mystery,” and has rarely attended city events. Most of what we know about her comes from her attendance at a League of Women Voters of Clark County forum from 2017.

She’s never responded to interview requests from myself or the Columbian’s editorial board, until now.

Sixteen days after I reached out in attempt to speak with her after she refiled for council, I got an email back. It said simply, “No Thank you”

I expect my first communication with McGoldrick to be my last, but as long as she keeps filing for office, I’ll keep reaching out trying to learn more about Vancouver’s mystery candidate.


Katy Sword

Katy Sword

I cover the city of Vancouver and federal politics. Reach me at

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