Marc Boldt is no longer censured by the GOP

In 2012, Marc Boldt, then a Republican county commissioner, was censured by the local GOP for taking actions his party deemed were out of line.

But things have changed. In October, the Clark County Republican Party precinct committee officers removed three members from its board after an acrimonious internal battle.

According to a document leaked to The Columbian, the board also voted to rescind all previous policies and resolutions. David Gellatly, chairman of Clark County Republican Party, confirmed that this means that the censure of Boldt is now lifted.

Gellatly said that board made the move because previous decisions had been based on errors or questionable information.

“The new board wants to start with a positive, clean slate and not have the baggage hanging over our head by decisions made by previous leadership,” said Gellatly.

He said that lifting the censure of Boldt wasn’t an explicit goal of the board. But he said,”If there were previous issues with Marc Boldt then that was the previous board and we are not bound their actions.”

Since being censured by the GOP, Boldt lost his county commissioner seat to Republican David Madore. In 2015, he made his comeback running successfully for county chair as an independent. Currently, state Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, is running against Boldt for county chair.

“Well, I guess it’s nice that I’m not censured,” said Boldt, who heard about it a month ago.

Although Boldt said Gellatly wants to sit down and chat with him, he has no intentions to rejoin the party and that it makes sense for the council chair to be an independent.

“I’m pretty comfortable staying where I am,” he said.


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