Liz Pike doesn’t seem to mind more government when it comes to her farm


Farmer and outgoing state Rep. Liz Pike

If you follow politics in Clark County, you’ve probably heard the mantra of state Rep. Liz Pike: “less government, less taxes, and more freedom.”

Pike, a Camas Republican, has reiterated variations of it while fighting against tax hikes Democrats and RINOs have sought to foist on the people of her district. Pike isn’t seeking re-election and dropped her bid for Clark County Council chair. As she’s stepped back from political life, Pike seems to have found one area where she’s comfortable with more government.

The Clark Conservation District is waging another effort to convince the Clark County Council to approve a fee of $5 per parcel of land and 10 cents per acre. The district, which provides assistance to property owners with managing their land and complying with environmental regulations, would use the money to keep its doors open as grants that have previously propped it up have dwindled.

The council is scheduled to hold a hearing on the proposed fees on Sept. 11. Earlier this week, The Reflector published an article on the plight of the district that included comments from Pike in support the district.

Washington State Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, who runs Shangri-La Farm, is one of many local farmers who have offered a testimony of the district’s importance.

She noted the equipment rental had been particularly useful for her, utilizing tools for mobile poultry processing come Thanksgiving for her farm’s turkey selling.

Pike has endorsed Councilor Eileen Quiring for Clark County Council chair, who has based much of her campaign on her consistent opposition to taxes and fees. Last year, the council, including Quiring, voted to not approve fees for the Clark Conservation District.

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