Kris Greene campaign reaches New Jersey

Kris Greene has cash to burn before tomorrow’s election. According to his latest Public Disclosure Commission filing, $119,545 of it. Greene has already spent nearly $475,000 in the race for Port of Vancouver commissioner.

Residents have noted a deluge of mailers — most of which trash opponent Don Orange — but it seems Greene is getting creative with how he spends $370,000 in campaign contributions from Tesoro and Vancouver Energy.

That money isn’t needed to fund television ads. Greene got $40,000 from the Enterprise WA Jobs PAC to produce a commercial and $122,314 to run the ad on Comcast Cable channels last month.

A robo call from Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, for example, received funding.

The call states “I’m leaving you this message because out of state left wing extremists are trying to hog tie the port of Vancouver, the crown jewel of our economy.”

Pike alleges “extreme environmentalists” are backing a candidate who “will rob us of our economic potential and ruin our Port’s reputation to the point no job creators will ever trust working with us again.”

She continued that Orange represents the elitist, anti-job agenda as well as turning the port over to the “militant left.” The call was paid for by Greene “to get this important reminder to voters like you,” Pike said.

Greene is further extending his reach past his voting district to the shores of New Jersey. As Star-Ledger reporter S.P. Sullivan tweeted, he’s seeing Facebook and Instagram ads for Greene even though he lives almost 3,000 miles away.
I asked Greene how this could have happened, but didn’t hear back. Maybe oil money goes just a little farther — figuratively and literally.

UPDATE Nov. 7: Greene has another robo call circulating today. Under the guise of an emergency alert, the call warns voters that “left-wing extremists are currently attempting to occupy the Port of Vancouver.”

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

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