Kris Greene and Justin Forsman team up after the election

1000669716-Greene-Campaign_03Here’s a feel-good political story.

Remember Port of Vancouver commissioner candidate Kris Greene? Remember Vancouver City Council candidate Justin Forsman? Well, they both lost pretty bad in their bids for office.

Despite his campaign fundraising prowess, Greene only received 35 percent of the vote. Forsman, despite his everything, received 21 percent of the vote.

Campaign finance filings show that the two have teamed up after the election to do the right thing. According to campaign filings, Greene’s campaign used some of the leftovers from its $594,167 war chest to pay Forsman $200 for “sign removal.”

As a result of Greene’s responsibility, there won’t be any leftover signs littering up Vancouver and reminding passersby of the contentious race. Forsman got some extra cash to supplement his income as a “freelance investigator.” Great job, everybody!

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